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If you've got a website on a shared (Virtual) server running NT/IIS, it will go down from time to time.

Most hosting services will automatically restart the HTTP (IIS) server if it fails, and your raw log files will precede the first log entry after a restart with a special heading.

In addition, IIS provides for a special type of ASP file - the global.asa file that enables you to keep a log of your server's outages.

See this page for the free script that allows you to track your server outages. I started to develop a more sophisticated reported that would also indicate the duration of each outage; however, since I'm only using for hosting, I have stopped. (Intermedia's virtual IIS servers are set up in a manner that doesn't allow ASP scripts to access raw log file which is required to get outage duration. I did have a prototype that worked with's server - in addition to logging server re-start, the script would open and read from the end of the raw log file to get the time of the last entry before the server re-start, then calculate and log the duration.)

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Is your hosting service Reliable?

How often is your site unavailable?

You deserve to know!

In 4 days, one of my hosting services had 47 IIS restarts. All sites sharing a virtual NT server are unable to respond to HTTP requests until the restart completes. 

It is a daunting task to set up a NT server that will host up to 100 websites or more, and keep it running.... My experience would indicate a good host is hard to find!

If someone finds your site from a search engine or from a link on another site, and your site is down, how likely are they to try again?

See my server logs

(Note - When IIS is down, no pages can be delivered to anyone. If your server is up, trouble in the backbone may prevent some users from accessing your site.)


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