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NEW! Database version - ASP Hyperlink TrackerDB
The original text-file tracker is described and demonstrated below.

This page updated 18-Aug-18 as move site to yet another shared server - this one is running IIS-10, Microsoft's latest, and my Webmaster Tools still work - but, there hasn't been much interest, so I've disabled some of the info for the time being. If you have an interest if purchasing one of my Tracker packages, just contact me using the Feedback form. Note that if you clik on the tracking links identified on this page, your IP address will be logged and be visible with the link to view the sample log! 

Note: Clicking demo links on this page create public log entries that include IP address.

Date RemoteUser Target Referrer


4/2/01 3:54:28A /new/_redi.asp
You have no way of knowing when a visitor to your site clicks on Normal (external) hyperlinks.

Now, with my ASP Hyperlink Tracker, you can know!

If you use  a hosting service that gives you ASP features, you can choose to track clicks on any Hyperlinks on your site!

The package comes with the files you need, and is easy to install and use. Everything is installed on your server, so you are in control!

The ASP Hyperlink Tracker is only $10. This includes documentation & source code. There is no copy protection, trial period, demo or refunds. 

Requirements: You must use a server that supports ASP 2.0 or higher and VBScript (MS IIS Servers). If you are not sure, contact me before you order!

ASP Hyperlink Tracker - $10.:

Payment via PayPal - Contact me

THE PACKAGE IS DELIVERED TO YOU VIA E-mail automatically & immediately upon completion of your payment. The payment as going to - my primary website/business name.

If you want to buy both the ASP Hyperlink Tracker and the 404 Tracker, Contact me.

If you'd like more information or have questions, contact me.

You can track clicks on text as well as image hyperlinks

Click on the image above, a new window from the ICM site will open. Switch back to this screen, and click here to see the record of your click.

Verify affiliate/click-through program reports.... See how many CT's it takes to produce affiliate sales....

Get better info on who's clicking what - as soon as it happens.....
Your affiliate programs and sponsors may give you (inadequate/untimely) reports on clickthroughs - but why should you have to depend on them to know what's happening on your site?

Works with the most complex hyperlinks - Many sponsors require your hyperlink to contain information they need to track you - and if the Hyperlink has question marks, equal signs and ampersands, other trackers may fail - but my tracker works! Click on the graphic, or the text hyperlink, then CLICK HERE to see the TRACKING LOG. Note that you also have access to a comma-delimited text file so you can import the log to a spreadsheet or database. (Most users will keep the link to their log reader non-public.)

While you can use this tracker to track clicks within your domain, it normally isn't necessary since the data is already being tracked in your server logs. However, the server logs have entries for every file (images, FP components, etc.) accessed - so this tracker may prove useful for monitoring specific internal hyperlinks.

PRIVACY? I'm for it - and on the web your [changing] identity is an IP address. This tracker is intended to help webmasters build better sites - not to compromise anyone's privacy. Also see my privacy page.

DO IT YOURSELF? If you know ASP, it's really not difficult to design and implement a similar tracker. But, it will probably take you at least an hour or two to design, code and test it - and if you can do it that fast, your time is probably worth about $100/hr. For $10 (at least for this initial version) you get the files you need, including step-by-step instructions - the installation is fast and easy.

ENHANCEMENTS .... I designed this system because I couldn't find anything to do this tracking with the FrontPage hosting service I use. (There are plenty of perl/cgi-bin offerings that track clicks.) I had a sort-of-working kludge solution with a perl script that I converted to .exe with perl2exe. Even if the perl solution worked, the ASP script solution is much more efficient (introduces very little delay & overhead) on servers running Microsoft IIS. The latest version automatically creates a separate log file for each calendar month, and enhancements have been made to the on-line viewer. Still more enhancements coming...

2 Tracking methods - The current version has 2 tracking scripts. The first tracks only through your server log file, and is very fast. You don't get a separate log file, and can't use the ASP reader. The second is the one you see above. You can use multiple instances of any of the methods - for example, you could create a separate log and reader URL so you can provide a sponsor with access to clickthroughs from your site on a real-time basis.

Low overhead - The design is simple: an extremely small ASP page on your site is called by a hyperlink on your site that also contains the target hyperlink. Data is appended to a text file, and the user is redirected to the target hyperlink. Placing the data in a database would place a much greater load on the server, which could cause the user to wait longer to see the target page. The web-based reader allows you to display in real time results, which you can filter by any portion of date, target, ip address, and referrer fields. You can also easily import the text log file into a database at any time.

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