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Note: Clicking bad links on this page create public log entries that include IP address.

What happens when someone requests a page on your site that doesn't exist?

If you use  a hosting service that gives you ASP features with custom 404-Page Not Found page, you can use my 404-ASP Tracker to get a real-time report of Page Not Found activity.

The package comes with the files you need, and is easy to install and use. Everything is installed on your server, so you are in control!

The 404 Tracker is only $10. This includes documentation & source code. There is no copy protection or trial period. 

Requirements: You must use a server that supports ASP 2.0 or higher and VBScript (MS IIS Servers). If you are not sure, use the inquiry form below before you order!

404 ASP Tracker - $10:

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THE PACKAGE IS DELIVERED TO YOU VIA E-mail automatically & immediately upon completion of your payment.  The payment as going to - my primary website/business name.

If you want to buy both the ASP Hyperlink Tracker and the 404 Tracker, Click here to purchase the combo.

If you'd like more information or have questions, please e-mail using the Feedback Form.

How it works: You design your custom 404 page, and add the code supplied with the 404 Tracker. Any time your 404 page is called*, an entry is made in a special log file. You can use the web-based log reader for real-time viewing. You can download the comma-delimited text file and import it to a database or spreadsheet.

Search engines - Are you getting requests for pages that no longer exist on your site?

Other sites - May have bad links to your site

Your site - Worse yet, you may have links within your site that are bad! Whether it's a missing image or page, the 404 Tracker will catch it.

Spot DoS Attacks - Some denial of service attacks (or bad browsers/spiders) may repeatedly make bad requests to your server, and some hacker scripts may try various URL's looking for a backdoor.

Make your 404 page smarter:
By analyzing the 404 log, you can add conditional messages or conditional automatic redirect based upon the bad URL. Check this linkThis one. That one. Instructions along with message & redirect script for your custom 404 page included.

*Conditional logging: You can exclude specific or wild-card matching files from being logged. The Custom 404 Page doesn't actually have to be displayed for a log entry to occur: a request for a missing image will be logged.

Here is a portion of my actual 404 Log (with IP address removed) at -
After moving the 56k Modem Survey pages, search engines are directing users to pages that no longer exist.
8/4/00 8:16:50P xx.xx.xx.xx 404
8/4/00 8:38:17P xx.xx.xx.xx 404
8/4/00 8:39:34P xx.xx.xx.xx 404

IIS 4.0 or greater server with ASP2 or higher. If you use a shared (virtual) hosting service, it must include the Custom 404 Page feature.
(You must also have a virtual directory that allows the domain_IIS user write access. Some hosting services allow you to set permissions; others may provide a default directory with write permissions; some require you to contact support and have them set permissions.)

Don't count on your visitors telling you about bad links. You may be surprised at how many 404's your site gets - I know I was! 

DO IT YOURSELF? If you know ASP, it's really not difficult to design and implement a similar tracker. But, it will probably take you at least an hour or two to design, code and test it - and if you can do it that fast, your time is probably worth about $100/hr! 

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