808 is Hawaii's area code.

808News.com started coverage of the new coronavirus COVID-19 in February with added focus on Hawaii, the only island state in the USA


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Finally, we get action, but too little too late:

Effective Thursday March 26, 2020, Governor David Ige has ordered all persons entering the State of Hawaii to self-quarantine in a designated location in their residence, a hotel room, or rented lodging. Self-quarantined individuals may only leave the designated location for medical emergencies or to seek medical care. Just like Wuhan China - leave the gates open for a few days so people can bypass quarantine!

MARCH 23, 2020
Effective 4:30pm, Mayor Caldwell has instituted a STAY AT HOME/WORK FROM HOME ORDER.
This basically locks down the island of Oahu and will slow the spread of the new virus. The lockdown is in effect more than a month - until April 30! Hopefully, this action taken before it's too late.
Download/view the Emergency Order 2020-02

808news February warning:

Hawaii is in severe danger due to reliance on tourism: continuing to allow tourists to come to our island state during the COVID-19 pandemic threatens the entire population of Hawaii.

The prudent thing to do is shut down tourism until the virus is better understood and there is a vaccine.

Hawaii weather used to be perfect year round!

But now, thanks to head-in-the-sand politicians all over the globe, the whole world is in danger. And Hawaii weather is still generally not bad, but it's worse than it was and should be.



22 MARCH 2020


How anyone could ever imagine that Donald Trump, President of the United States of America has done a good job in protecting the American public is beyond comprehension. This President has stated that he DOES NOT accept responsibility for the failure of his agencies to produce test kits and test Americans for COVID-19.

The President of USA takes no responsibility

The President of USA is an insecure pathological liar

The State of Hawaii, led by Governor Ige, has similarly failed the people of the State of Hawaii. Instead of acting a month ago when there was plenty of time, only yesterday did Governor Ige decide to shut-down travel to Hawaii - and not even immediately - not until Thursday March 26, 2020 are people coming into the State being told to self-quarantine at home or in hotel room for 14 days.

There was AMPLE warning that this novel coronavirus would become a pandemic, a huge problem, highly contagious, yet our Federal Government's response was to DENY TESTING to people who had all the symptoms - letting this virus spread silently throughout the country.

Hawaii's response was just as pathetic.

NOW, America looks headed to an epic disaster as our hospitals and broken healthcare system become unable to handle the surge of citizens that will need medical care to stay alive. (This is the dysfunctional healthcare system that lying politicians call "the best in the world". A healthcare system that can't take care of the most needy people! A for-profit brainwashing rip-off sell you a drug for anything except a cure system.) This is a DISASTER that could have been prevented, and it is up to the American People to HOLD OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS responsible: THE BUCK STOPS AT THE PRESIDENT WHO HAS FAILED US MISERABLY.

US Intelligence knew what was happening and reported it to the President and top leaders. Instead of taking action, some of them SOLD ALL THEIR STOCKS to try and protect their personal interests - to heck with the people!

This website tried to warn of impending danger, but the DIVIDER-IN-CHIEF, pathological liar Donald J. Trump kept half of America who thinks he's "great" believing lies. The ultimate sham is still happening as the President of the USA - horribly incapable of dealing with its own virus problem - is sending letters to our sworn adversaries Iran and North Korea - offering "help". DEAR PRESIDENT TRUMP: HOW ABOUT ACCEPTING BLAME AND OFFERING REAL HELP TO YOUR OWN PEOPLE??????????? Actually, USA is on track to have the worst outcome of any developed nation. Russia has done much better than the USA. Asian countries close to China have done remarkably well against this new virus - Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore have all handled this with exceptional and effective action. The USA is becoming a model for how not to do things.

But America, do not fear, the end is near: the prediction: both Donald J. Trump, President of USA, and Mike Pence, Vice-President will succumb to COVID-19, and OUR NEXT PRESIDENT will be Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi!

Is this Fake News?  Time will tell - the Truth will Set You Free, but the really startling news is:  you are the creator of your reality.
(aka God, Allah, Atua,
Bog,Bojh,Bože, Bůh,  Cha Trời, Dieu,Dieve, Dievs, Diyos, Dio, Dios,  Dia, Deus, Dumnezeu, Gut, Gud, Godt, Gott, Goezur, Gusti, Ilaahow, Isten, Jumal, Ma Akua, Mungu, Pengeran, Prussa, Sire, Tanrı, Te Atua, Theos, Tuhan, Vajtswv, xwed, zot, Бог, Θεός,  Боже, 하느님,, , ព្រះ, พระเจ้า,परमेश्वर, الله, אלוהים,देव, இறைவன், Худоё, خداوند, भगवान, Бурхан, минь, देव, ພຣະເຈົ້າ, Кудай, ღმერთო  or whatever word you choose-create)

 23 FEB 2020 0
The news is NOT GOOD.  Japan & Carnival Cruise Lines have REALLY screwed up. Together, they basically allowed over 3,000 people to stay for 2 weeks with ineffective infection control measures. That allowed HUNDREDS of people to get sick. Those that "didn't get sick" - if Japanese citizens - were allowed to leave the ship Feb 19/20 ON PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION - no face masks required! Outrageous! The other Carnival Cruise Line ship - the Westerdam - that was refused entry in many countries was welcomed by Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen, and passengers with the virus released into this ill-equipped-to-handle country. This is outrageous! It is only a matter of time before Carnival, the largest operator of cruise-prison-virus-traps in the world is held accountable for endangering the lives of thousands of customers - and the world at large!

WE NEED TO IMMEDIATELY STOP ALL FLIGHTS BETWEEN HAWAII AND JAPAN, AND NOT ALLOW ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN IN JAPAN IN AT LEAST THE LAST 14 DAYS in to Hawaii if there is any chance to avoid a major epidemic in the Hawaiian islands.
And, with outbreak now getting out of control in South Korea (both Japan & S. Korea continuing multiple flights a day to toxic China), may be time to stop flights between Hawaii and Korea.

Please, listen carefully to what this Japanese infection specialist says

Take a look at Flightradar24 and see the traffic in and out of China. Japan and South Korea still have plenty of flights to toxic China! Japan is next to go out of control. And no one has stopped flying to Japan YET! BUT, it is time to stop or face the consequence!

Please see this story from the Singpoare Straits Times - 2 passengers on Carnival Cruise Lines Diamond Princess dead from the virus.

Singapore, which has one of the highest # of confirmed cases is probably THE BEST and MOST OPEN about what is going on: CHECK THIS PAGE and you can see how meticulously Singapore is tracing the spread AND PUBLISHING IT SO ANYONE CAN SEE where infected people were!

What is China doing? There are no more independent reports coming out. China has SILENCED the citizen reporters who were letting the world know what's really going on in this unprecendented lockdown and extremely contagious virus! They have NOT ALLOWED WHO or US CDC in to the hotspot province of Hubei at all as of 20Feb2020. We really don't know how many thousands of unreported deaths there are. Bodies are cremated. And now, China has changed yet again how it counts cases - requiring a test they are unable to administer to everyone having symptoms. CHINA'S NUMBERS ARE FAKE AND UNRELIABLE!

What is the WHO doing? I think when it first thought China was going to allow a team, including US CDC reps in, they suddenly changed their tone warning this could be really serious. So China stalled on letting them in, forcing WHO to again say nice things about what China was doing. All the time, endangering the rest of the world.

Based on public reports, China has effectively quarantined something on the order of 1/3 the population of the 50 United States! And for those venturing out, life is always wearing a mask and other personal protective equipment. But the real fake news - China propaganda machine - wants to put a positive spin so independent voices there have disappeared, and the fix is in to publish positive news. Kind of sounds like the USA in Vietnam back in the 60's.....

What are Hawaii's leaders doing? DEFINITELY NOT ENOUGH TO AVOID HUGE PROBLEM COMING SOON!  OUR LEADERS NEED TO MAKE SURE THE ISLANDS HAVE ENOUGH SUPPLIES to support the people that live here and happen to be stuck here if there is disruption in the ocean/air freight. I think it's inadvisable to visit Hawaii now for at least the next 45 days.


VIDEO Links:
Courageous Wuhan Citizen -Youtube
Chen Quishi reporting from Wuhan - NOW DISAPPEARED Another video before police arrested Chen
Is this a Chinese manmade biological weapon mistake?  China's lack of transparency makes this unconfirmed, but not disproved.
China has pulled the plug on videos like this showing what's happening

CHINESE CITIZENS DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO INFO as China's great firewall stops the free flow of information.

Further reading:
South China Morning Post - Cambodia & Westerdam

Hun Sen - Cambodia PM & one of the longest-serving leaders in the world. (Some call him a dictator, murderer, ruthless)

The Bird of Paradise, a relative of the banana plant, got its name from the beautiful flower resembling a brightly colored bird in flight
The Bird of Paradise


March news:
The US Congress is on track to bail out the irresponsible airlines and criminal Boeing that caused death of hundreds with defective 737Max with billions of dollars! The very same airlines that spent billions buying back stock so the executives could pocket big bonuses! Congress should bail out employees not irresponsible business! Let the airlines go bankrupt and start over letting people who care about people start new airlines! People who care wouldn't design a business that charges bag fees, change fees, cancellation fees, and packs people in like sardines. LET YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AND SENATORS know IT'S WRONG TO BAIL OUT THE AIRLINES!

February news:
Cured isn't cured:
China is putting "cured" patients under quarantine as some test positive and able to infect others!
SCMP article

The United States CDC is preparing for pandemic that may require businesses, and schools to be closed! 
“We’re not seeing community spread here in the United States, yet, but it’s very possible, even likely, that it may eventually happen,” Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, told reporters on a conference call. 

"Recovered" patients
may still be infectious: Chinese respiratory disease expert Zhao Jianping says there are cases in China in which recovered patients continued to show traces of the virus - and could still infect others!
SCMP article


Outbreak hotspots:

SOUTH KOREA - Now on the verge of serious uncontained outbreak. 2.5 million people told to stay home in Daegu. Confirmed cases multiplying - now over 600. Six deaths reported. A single person can start an infection chain reaction. Currently, South Korea has the most confirmed infections outside China (aside from the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship disaster). South Korea gov't raises virus alert to highest level. School openings postponed. Samsung phone production affected. Soldiers among those infected. USA issues travel advisory to Korea.
Korea Herald story

Korea Herald online story

Korea Times online story

Mass infection feared at hospital in Cheongdo South Korea
Korea Herald online story

JAPAN - More than 100 confirmed cases not counting the Carnival Cruise Line Diamond Princess disaster ship.

SINGAPORE - More than 100 confirmed cases.

HONG KONG - On trajectory to reach over 100 confirmed cases soon. Feb 20 - police officer was at a party Feb 18 with about 60 others who will all need to be quarantined.

ITALY - New hotspot with at least 2 deaths and more than 100 confirmed cases.

IRAN - Troubling numbers as 6 deaths reported with less than 50 confirmed cases.

Interactive COVID-19 Map/Dashboard by Johns Hopkins CSSE (there is lag in updating versus each country's official numbers)


If you would like to book a cruise, I will try and give you some links here soon. Because if they can't keep fooling you, their biz is going to sink!!!!

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