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Note: Clicking links below may create public log entries that include IP address!

NEW! Database version of the ASP Hyperlink Tracker!

The Universal Database Manager/Viewer isn't totally finished - but it's usable now. (Anyone building webs that include databases will be able to use this tool - I already find it essential in building and maintaining my sites.)

You have no way of knowing when a visitor to your site clicks on Normal (external) hyperlinks.

Now, with the ASP Hyperlink TrackerDB, you can know!

If you use  a hosting service that gives you ASP features, you can choose to track clicks on any Hyperlinks on your site!

The package comes with the files you need, and is easy to install and use. Everything is installed on your server, so you are in control!

The ASP Hyperlink TrackerDB  is $40. This includes documentation & source code. There is no copy protection, trial period or demo. 

Requirements: You must use a server that supports ASP 2.0 or higher and VBScript (MS IIS Servers) with ODBC (MSAccess). DSN is not required.* If you are not sure, use the inquiry form below before you order!

ASP Hyperlink Tracker DB Version
Available Soon

You can track clicks on text as well as image hyperlinks

Click for info

Click on the image above, a new window from the ICM site will open. Switch back to this screen, and click here to see the record of your click.

Verify affiliate/click-through program reports.... See how many CT's it takes to produce affiliate sales....

Get better info on who's clicking what - as soon as it happens.....
Your affiliate programs and sponsors may give you (inadequate/untimely) reports on clickthroughs - but why should you have to depend on them to know what's happening on your site?

Works with the most complex hyperlinks - Many sponsors require your hyperlink to contain information they need to track you - and if the Hyperlink has question marks, equal signs and ampersands, other trackers may fail - but my tracker works! Click on the graphic, or the text hyperlink, then CLICK HERE to see the TRACKING LOG. Note that you also have access to a comma-delimited text file so you can import the log to a spreadsheet or database. (Most users will keep the link to their log reader non-public.)


If you'd like more information or have questions, please e-mail me at: 


While you can use this tracker to track clicks within your domain, it normally isn't necessary since the data is already being tracked in your server logs. However, the server logs have entries for every file (images, FP components, etc.) accessed - so this tracker may prove useful for monitoring specific internal hyperlinks.


  • ASP - Active Server Pages. This Microsoft technology provides server-side processing of web pages.
  • IIS - Internet Information Server. The Microsoft service included with Windows NT, 2000 and XP (server/pro version) that allows a computer to be a web server. IIS includes ASP support.
  • ODBC - Open Database Connectivity - the application program interface (API) that allows ASP to access a database on the IIS server.
  • DSN - Data Source Name. Allows a database on the server to be accessed with a friendly name. Requires the DSN to be created on the server (administrative access).

PRIVACY? I'm for it - and on the web your [changing] identity is an IP address. This tracker is intended to help webmasters build better sites - not to compromise anyone's privacy. Also see my privacy page.

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