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After visiting Hawaii, syndicated sports columnist Jim Murray wrote a column about the Big Island. He said "It is an island of tranquility where even the music is sweet, such a high glucose content that it is an adult lullaby far from the harsh discordant version of the ancient art in our own music. It still has a melody as soft as the swaying winds, not just a beat like a locomotive piston"

A big "Mahalo" to Loeka Longakit, a "local boy" from Hilo for allowing his beautiful song, "The One They'd Call Hawaii" to appear here. They have a new CD out - Pomai & Loeka with 12 beautiful songs, including Come A'ama Crab!

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NEW! - Listen to Pomai & Loeka's new hit from the Dancing All Night CD:
Come A'ama Crab 
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Currently, Pomai & Loeka have 3 CD's out: 
First Things First -  Na hoku hanohano award winner: 1999 religious album of the year
Waikoloa Sands (single) - This 'single' has 3 songs including The One They'd Call Hawai'i
Dancing All Night -
Hawaiian contemporary CD with the #1 song - Come A'ama Crab

Note about Come A'ama Crab - This song is in a combination of English, Hawaiian, and "local talk" - you can find a basic Hawaiian dictionary from the UofH here; or the Coconut Boyz Hawaiian Dictionary.. For local talk - some people find they need to live a while in Hawaii to catch on to the 'local English'. The song was written by Lloyd Longakit, is performed by Pomai & Loeka Longakit and is 1999 L&L Productions - All Rights Reserved, and appears here with permission.

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